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Meeting Walt Disney's Spirit


Within my ADEs, I encountered the Spirit of the late Walt Disney. I became his apprentice, a novice to storytelling as he took me under his instruction to teach me the true art of weaving the never-ending magic of the imagination. 


Teach Me Your Magic

In the Who am I? journey of my Spirit, Jesus first brought me His teachings of the Fairy Tale in the September of 1992. Within my ADEs, Jesus told me a story about The Tree of the Gold Keys. It was a beautiful Fairy Tale about a Princess who had a very special garden filled with the finest White Roses, and every day she sat in her garden waiting for her handsome Prince to arrive. However, in 1992 I had no understanding of His teaching. At the time I made no connection to my childhood. Not long after His teaching of the Fairy Tale Jesus took my Spirit to meet with the Spirit of the late Walt Disney for the first time. When I recovered from this ADE, I wrongly presumed Jesus must have given me the Fairy Tale to give to Walt's Spirit, when in fact the truth of the matter was that my Spirit offered Walt's Spirit my Fairy Tale, and in exchange I wanted Walt to teach me how to weave his magic and become a great storyteller. It is not surprising, therefore, that Walt's Spirit was, to say the least, somewhat amused on our first encounter.

In the Spirit, I rose up out of my physical body and became of the Afterlife. I hovered in mid­air, and beneath me I could see my lifeless physical body lying upon my bed. Then I felt myself drifting along as I moved towards the bedroom window. I passed through the bedroom window ­out into the openness. I held myself suspended in midair, then suddenly I felt myself flying through the starlit sky at great speed. I flew upwards, past the drifting clouds, and I heard myself call out the name of Jesus. The wind brushed against my face as I flew through the air. A familiar sense of calmness engulfed my entire senses, and I felt the presence of Christ to my left­hand side. Suddenly a huge bright glowing white light was upon me. In a moment’s rush, the heavens lit up intensely and I felt myself being absorbed into the white light.

I felt myself being gently guided downwards. Then I found myself walking down the corridor within a large building. The surface of the wooden floor shone with a glimmering light, and along the walls, the glass in the wood­framed windows sparkled brightly. It was breathtaking. I could feel the essence of creativity in every brick. A moment later I reached a door to a room, and there I saw two strong­looking men standing outside each side of the door. I knew the two men were there for security, as you could not go into this room unless you had been invited. When the two men saw me they instantly moved away from the door to allow me to enter. There inside the room, I saw the Spirit of the late Walt Disney. He was standing beside a desk, and I knew he had been expecting me. Then I suddenly heard myself saying to him, "I want you to teach me the magic of being a Storyteller, and in exchange, I will share with you the Fairy Tale Jesus has given me." Walt smiled and seemed to be pondering upon my words. Then he replied, "I admire your cheek!" He stepped backwards, and with a wave of his hand, a three­foot animated Mickey Mouse appeared, followed by a three­foot animated Donald Duck. The two characters began chasing each other around the room, and I heard Walt laugh, and then he spoke the words, "Shall we get started then?"


Jesus then returned my Spirit back into my physical body and breathed life into me once again. In the years that followed, Jesus took my Spirit within my Actual Death Experiences on many occasions to meet again with the Spirit of Walt Disney. I became his apprentice, a novice to storytelling, and as he took me under his instruction the Snowmite storylines took on a whole new lease of life. To say Walt worked me hard is an understatement. Everything he taught me oozed magic. But incredibly, it wasn't just an endless flight of fantasy; everything he taught me had an element of common sense: "It's not believable if people can't relate to your story. Put yourself in the story. Become the story. Become the characters". And that is exactly what I did. Within my ADEs, I became my character Zandeer, the Beautiful Spirit of Children, and with Walt's Spirit, I went in search of the Mysterious Crystal of Life.

I soon found myself writing about a whole new fantasy world involving the Snowmites and their character origins in the creation of The Spirit Council. The Spirit Council were known as The Spirits of Love and they inhabited a magical mysterious world called Heavenina. Their charge was to protect the Mysterious Crystal of Life from Perilinna, who plotted to steal it and absorb its powers for herself ­ granting her the ability to open the Pathway of Time between Heavenina and Earth. The Spirit Council had to leave Heavenina to journey the heavens in a bid to protect the Mysterious Crystal of Life. But Perilinna created a fierce storm, commanding a bolt of lightning to strike the Spirit Council in a bid to destroy them. The bolt of lightning missed the Spirit Council and hit the Mysterious Crystal of Life, separating it into seven independent Crystals, and all but one zoomed off at a tremendous speed into the Universe.


Nymous, the Spirit Lord, ordered the Spirit Council to go in search of the missing pieces of the Mysterious Crystal of Life and charged them to remain with the Crystal they found until they encountered a true Guardian who would stay with the missing pieces of the Crystal and protect it from Perilon. Zandeer is the first Spirit of Love to find one of the missing Crystals. She discovers it upon a deserted iceberg on the planet Earth. Transforming the iceberg into an enchanting Island of Ice, Zandeer creates the Snowmites to live with her while she waits for the true Guardian to arrive and then she will be able to return to her home in the heavens.


The words just poured out onto the paper. But it wasn't just the Snowmite Books that took on a whole new meaning. Walt's art was in the moving image, and so, the Snowmites ventured into the animated short, and then the feature film script Snowmite Magic, which birthed an even greater expansion, creating an innovative structure – taking the film and publishing industry to a new dimension of storytelling with nine more animated feature film scripts. Combine the features with the animated shorts, and together with Walt, we created an incredible never­ending magical story with 258 new elite characters. And then came his new Theme Park, in which his favourite ride was the roller­coaster. I explored his paradise with fascination and an eagerness of the visionary in his heart. And in my physical life, I brought his magic back to share with the world.

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If I was to be asked 'Why do you think you were taught the magic of storytelling within your ADEs?'  I would answer,  We must never forget our children. The Snowmites have become the embodiment of the spiritual message of the unconditional love I experienced within the Spirit and this is for them. 


     And every child who grows up understanding this love will grow into the adult we are all now learning to become... 

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