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How Do I Teach Myself This Love?

Updated: May 21

When you look at yourself in the mirror what do you see? Do you see a beautiful person staring back at you or do you come face to face with a person you feel is full of sadness

and regret? Is your reflection a stranger or a friend to you?

Tomorrow morning, when you wake up. I want you to go to your mirror and say these words

to yourself, "I am a good person, I love myself and I accept who I am." If you have negative energy about yourself, the chances are you will follow these words with thoughts such as, 'But I'm not good, I feel horrible, I'm ugly, no one loves me.' There is simply no point in having positive thoughts about yourself for you to them challenge those very thoughts with negative thoughts. So, I want you to become of a different mindset. Instead of thinking negatively about yourself, I would like you to remember something 'good' that you have done. This will prove to you that you are a good person. You don't have to be a super-hero to do good deeds, they can be the very simple actions that you have done such as when you helped an elderly person with their heavy bag of shopping or when you gave up your seat in a crowded train. The little simple good actions are all reasons why you are a nice person to know....

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