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Be Your Heart

Happy Monday everyone. I hope you all had a great weekend. Have you ever heard a song and thought, ‘wow’ I can really relate to those words? I have!

The song I am talking about here is called ‘Be Your Heart’ and when I wrote it, I was trying to convey to the listener, the message of love I have learnt in my Near-death experiences. It wasn’t easy because the moment you start a conversation about Near-death experiences – people either shy away as they could not relate to my journey and the mere mention of the word ‘death’ conveyed to them such images that their fear of the ‘unknown’ went into overdrive. Then there were others who ran for the hills, thinking I’m either about to start preaching a lot of ‘mumbo jumbo’ or I am having a full-blown mental breakdown. It’s hard, and I don’t mind admitting such. The subject of Near-death experiences has a varied and often, complexed audience.

Many people ‘hope’ they are real, others just won’t entertain the possibility they are. But millions of people all over the world have had, if not one, then several Near-death experiences, so why are they still considered a taboo subject for mainstream media? I have asked this question countless times and the reason still remains a mystery. Perhaps its because a NDE is such a personal experience to the individual!

We know from listening to people describing their NDE experiences that it creates such a psychological impact on their life, it causes them a complete overhaul of their psyche, changing their entire outlook on life because they had experience such a profound and meaningful love. They no longer fear death and they have found peace and joy in the knowledge that their loved ones continue to live on in an afterlife.

So, my question is, “how can we as a human race benefit from such a personal experience as an NDE?” How can an individual who has never had an NDE go through the same psychological improvement? I believe the answer is in understanding the ‘love’ and realising that very same love exists in us all. To know without any doubt that the love which exists in the afterlife began in the heart of every single one of us and it connects us all together through time and space.

I have seen this love in us all. I have felt it in both this life and the afterlife. Perhaps, I am fortunate that I have been having chronic NDEs since 1987, - although, there have been many days when I just longed to be normal. I have cried bucketful of tears, wishing the NDEs to stop. I have not had a life as most people have experienced. I have felt cheated because I didn’t have the same free-will that I saw my friends and family enjoying. I couldn’t just start-up a new relationship with a cute guy I found attractive. It was a struggle to socialize, to enjoy a spontaneous night out. I promise, I will come to talk about this aspect of my NDEs in future blogs (because I know people are inquisitive), - the same goes for how my NDEs healed a brain injury I suffered in 1992, the brain injury was so severe, I began having bouts of being in a vegetative state of consciousness and with the more episodes I suffered these non-responsive occurrences lasted for longer periods of time. Indeed, I have had to fight for my life, but it was the love that saved me. The love in my children’s hearts. The love I have for Jesus. The love I saw in my dad’s Spirit when I was lucky enough to meet him in the afterlife. This love was my lifeline to life itself.

All, I had to remember was to ‘Be My Heart’ To be true to myself and nurture the love inside my heart. To respect my love. To protect my love. To have the courage for change in acknowledging not everyone in my life was good for my love. This is the love of Spirit.

And that same love is within you now, inside your own heart. A love that connects you with everyone who is the same as your love. Every person you have loved, every hour of happiness you have had, every moment of joy. It pulsates through your body with every beat of your heart.

So, here’s what I am going to do…

I am going to ask everybody who has experienced this love in an NDE to talk about how they felt. To bring this love from out of the experience and share it with us all, until the entire human race can feel it too.

Because we are the love, and we can learn such a great deal from the Near-death experience…

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