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Let's Talk About The Love

What We Can Learn Through an NDE... 

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Millions of people who have had an NDE report they experienced such a beautiful love, it was as if they could reach out and touch it, and it is true. But if this love exists within the afterlife, it must have first been created by us within our physical lives - our hearts. Therefore, the human race has the ability to experience this same divine love here on this Earth within our physical lives because when all is said and done,  'We Are The Love'...

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Our world today is one of constant chaos and controlled instability. Of economic fever induced by financial deterioration accumulating from vast International debts, and humanitarian crises rising up from the ashes of natural disasters, human existence has become conditioned by the laws of survival. The third world illustrates the powerful reality as to how easily the delicate balance between man and nature can be upset beyond healing. Mankind has evolved since the known primitive age of the prehistoric caveman and has now advanced beyond comprehension. Incredibly, the human species has matured in all aspects of social sophistication with the exception of one ­ War! The venomous destruction of people and of the land. Is there any hope left for peace, or is modern mankind destined to continue making the same mistakes as our ancestors throughout history?

In bringing the Actual Death Experience into the mindset of individuals who have not had an ADE, we can learn to combine Science and Spirituality to lay down the foundations for a future society no longer scarred by the rule of violence and war. The Spirit, while still within the physical body, communicates by means of telepathy. In the ‘Who Am I?’ teachers of Jesus, He teaches us how to cultivate our telepathic source, so we may begin our next stage of human evolution. Imagine a world in which we are able to communicate with one another by means of telepathy! War would become absolved. State Leaders and Soldiers alike would be able to communicate with one another directly to resolve issues of dispute. Crime Rates would plummet as criminals acknowledged there is no longer the reality of an unsuspecting victim. In understanding our Spirit now, the ability to make great changes is our reward. 


The most voiced scientific argument surrounding ADEs is to question the probability as to: 'How is it possible for a person to come back to life after their heart has stopped and their brain is no longer producing any activity?' [especially in cases where the individual has been flatlined for a substantial amount of time]. The scientific viewpoint is that such a thing should not be possible, as once the brain has ceased to function and our organs have shut down, the cells in our physical body deteriorate rapidly. In the reality of living with chronic Actual Death Experiences for the past thirty years, I believe the answer is within our DNA. The hypothesis is that we will be able to establish a common component in the DNA of individuals who have experienced ADE, and it is their genetic code that 'preserves the human cells' for a longer period of time after the physical body has shut down and the physical death has been established. If this hypothesis is endorsed by scientific investigation, we will be looking at possible 'new cures' for all illnesses related to cell deterioration simply by transferring human DNA.

Most readers will be more familiar with the term Near-death experience (NDE). The Actual-death experience (ADE) is the same phenomenon as the NDE, and it has all the same characteristics as an NDE. However, the phrase Actual Death Experience has been given to the phenomenon to help define it more clearly from a scientific point of view. The phenomenon can actually be historically traced as far back as Plato's Republic (380 B.C), and it is featured in the pages of the Bible: Paul's Vision and His Thorn in the Flesh (2 Corinthians 12: 1­9), and in the account given by John the Apostle in the book of Revelation The New Jerusalem (Rev 21: 10). It was not until 1975 that the public's interest in the phenomenon truly peaked, after Dr Raymond Moody Ph.D., Ms.D., a prominent scholar and lecturer, published his first of many books, Life After Life, in which he coined the phrase ‘Near Death Experience’.


Life After Life sold over thirteen million copies world­wide, and it was later turned into a feature film. Dr Moody defined the NDE as an experience undergone while unconscious, occurring close to death, in which the individual then reports experiencing a series of events taking place which cannot be accredited to the physical world. Moody currently continues to investigate the phenomenon, and he is recognized as one of the leading authorities on the subject. However, in more recent times as a result of the scientific world taking an interest in the phenomenon, Moody's definition has generated a conflict of understanding and had led to ongoing debates. In particular, Dr Sam Parnia M.D., PhD, M.R.C.P., who also refers to the phenomenon as an Actual-death experience rather than NDEs, has publicly stated that the reason for his variance comes from the scientific view of physical death. Parnia explained: "We define death when there is no heartbeat, no breathing, and the brain is no longer functioning. When a patient has died and has all the vital signs of death, he or she is no longer alive. It is a clear scientific finding ­ the patient is either dead or alive. It is scientifically impossible to be of both at the precise same time as the other, which is what the term Near Death suggests. We have scientifically proven it is possible to bring a patient back after death has been established, which clearly indicates the patient has had an Actual-death experience and not a Near-death experience ." Dr Sam Parnia has worked extensively in the study of death and Human Consciousness. He is currently the Assistant Professor of Critical Care Medicine at the Stony Brook Medical Centre in New York. Parnia also launched the AWARE (AWAreness during REsuscitation) study through the Human Consciousness Project, and he is currently the Chairman and Trustee of The Horizon Research Foundation. He has published in leading scientific and medical peer­reviewed journals, and is also the author of two popular science books, Erasing Death: The Science That Is Rewriting the Boundaries Between Life and Death (2013) and What Happens When We Die? (2006), and five other titles. His work has also been featured in many newspapers and magazines all over the world including the Guardian, Telegraph, GQ, Psychology Today, Time, and Newsweek, as well as on the BBC and CNN. 

Characteristics of the Actual Death Experience

The Tunnel ­ Darkness and Light: Although not every ADE subject reports seeing a tunnel of light, it is still one of the most common characteristics of the Actual Death Experience. After passing over into the Spirit, subjects find themselves surrounded by a darkness, and in the distance they can see a bright glowing light towards which they sense themselves being drawn. Then as they get nearer to the light it becomes brighter. Some subjects will report seeing the shadow of a figure or several figures within the light, who appear to be waiting for them to enter into it. In other reports, subjects can sometimes know instinctively not to go towards the light, as they will not be able to return to their physical body if they do, and so they will attempt to pull themselves back away from it.

Encountering A Deceased Loved One: This is another common characteristic of the Actual Death Experience, and for many people probably the most profound, which continues to have a deep effect on the subject after the ADE is over. Individuals often report that a shadowy figure they saw waiting within the bright light turns out to be a loved one who has already passed over. Often they recognize the loved one before any communication has been exchanged between them both; even if their loved one has dramatically changed in appearance. They may now look much younger than the subject remembers When a subject meets a loved one it is usually to be given a message. Sometimes they are told to "Go back, as it is not your time to be here yet". The message given by a loved one always seems to have importance. In some cases, subjects may just be told by their loved ones that they are at peace now and happy and that they are not to worry about them.

Life Review: The Life Review component in an Actual-death experience is not a common characteristic that appears in ADEs, but it is a very prominent feature, and it tends to have a significant reason for its presence. The ADE is complex and usually only understood by the actual subjects, who will find themselves viewing events that have occurred within their physical lives through what appears to be three­ dimensional perception. As the image and scenes flash in front of them, they feel an emotional attachment associated with the scene. They may feel regret and sadness on being shown a situation in which they had behaved badly or were wrong in how they had handled things. The life review ADE is always an experience of learning a truth that the subject hadn't realised or understood. Once the ADE is over, the subject will usually correct his or her past mistakes or make changes to his or her physical life to ensure such mistakes are not repeated.

Telepathic Communications and Unity: The ability to communicate within an ADE (and therefore within the Afterlife) is recognized as an exchange of telepathic thoughts rather than an actual verbal conversation. This explains the feelings most ADE subjects have when they report sensing a feeling of being connected to others around them, even though they cannot actually see anyone else nearby. Other ADE subjects will report feeling as if they have developed a heightened sense of awareness, becoming tuned into the universe.

Visions of the Future: Many ADE subjects will describe being shown a future event that will occur within their physical lives or in the life of someone they know. Usually, these types of ADEs are difficult to identify any explanation for, as the subject does not always realise at the time of being shown the vision that it is actually a future event. Most ADE subjects will only make the connection after the event has occurred, which suggests the vision was given without any real purpose. However, I believe visions of the future do have a very valuable objective. If a subject wrote down a description of the vision, signed and dated the text (witnessed), then sealed it into an envelope and put it away in a safe place, the text could be retrieved after the event has happened and this would lead to confirmation that the information given during an ADE was from a spiritual source.


There are many more characteristics of the ADE. The most common of them all is when a subject describes being surrounded by an incredible feeling of 'love' and sensing a 'peacefulness' that is difficult for them to describe, as it was so strong it overwhelmed their senses. ADE subjects also describe finding themselves in the most beautiful landscape surrounded by gardens of intense beauty and colour and being able to see buildings, which actually appear to emit a presence of life. It is understandable that due to the many different ADE variations that the subjects report, ­ the science world has had a difficult time identifying the ADE. Unlike the physical process of death, which occurs as a series of events in an identical sequence regardless of the individual; the actual ADE, (the experience of death itself ) is a process of Human Consciousness. No two ADEs will be identical for two individuals, as no two people are exactly the same in all their speech, mannerisms and thoughts. The common characteristics of the Actual Death Experience do however establish without doubt that 'another world' other than the physical world exists, and that our 'life form' continues to exist after the physical body has stopped functioning. 

What Happens to Us When We Die?

Physical death is a painless process. It is a peaceful and very beautiful transition. If you are a person who fears death or the thought of dying, I do hope you will be able to find some comfort in my words. Naturally, when I say death is painless, I am referring to the 'natural death' in this instance. The process of physical death advances in a sequence of stages; death does not transpire in just one single moment, as once believed by the majority mindset. It is an exceptionally peaceful and very beautiful process in a tranquil passing of consciousness, in which we maintain complete awareness during its progression.

The Consciousness

"I am part of something far greater than the eye can see.

The memories of such, however, remain hidden within me."


Who Am I?

I am a Woman and a Mother of Children


Millions of people who have had an NDE report they experienced such a beautiful love, it was as if they could reach out and touch it, and it is true. But if this love exists within the afterlife, it must have first been created by us within our physical lives - our hearts. Therefore, the human race has the ability to experience this same divine love here on this Earth within our physical lives because when all is said and done,  'We Are The Love'...

We are all connected together by our spiritual energy - the gift of free will allows us to decide whether or not we are going to be good or bad, Therefore it is our choice as to whether we attract positive spiritual energy or negative spiritual energy. It is our choice to love or to hate. This love is created within our hearts before we pass over into the afterlife - it begins and lives in us - so why don't we open our hearts to feel it now?  Why wait until we no longer have a physical body to experience such beauty?


I once had an ADE where I was permitted to become of one with this love, and the thoughts that consumed my consciousness were 'this love was worth fighting for'.  Not fighting each other as that is not the war. The battle of my life is to fight against my own demons, my own shortcomings and flaws - to be in life the best person I can be. To be kind to me. To love me. To accept others as I wish to be accepted. To remind myself I am worthy of love every single day of my life. That is the true conflict... 

We Are The Love

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