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Meeting Jesus


Thousands of individuals who have had Near-death experiences reveal they have encountered Jesus within their experience. These are just a few accounts of the times I found myself within his company in the afterlife. 


Are You My Lord Jesus?

I stood gazing around at my surroundings. The mountains of clouds folded into each other, blanketing my view in every direction. I was a lone figure amidst a sanctuary of light. I reached down and trailed my hand through the soft, flowing velvety white clouds. As my hand gently passed through the smoothness, the clouds scattered in slow motion, floating upwards and drifting along in the air. I was able to make things move here in this world. In a world where I was standing in the Spirit. The existence of life without the physical body. I belonged to this world. I had finally returned home. There was not a sound to be heard. The stillness of silence lingered all around me, yet I knew, I knew I was being touched by the very essence of life itself. Sensing the glorious setting of harmony, I felt at peace here in this world. I did not want to close my eyes upon the beauty before me; not wanting, even the darkness of a blink of the eye to take me away from this spiritual utopia. 

Alerting my attention, I caught sight of a small group of people in the distance walking towards me. I could hear them individually speaking to me through the vibrations of their footsteps. I knew only, not to concern myself with thoughts questioning their identity, for everything would be revealed to me and I had nothing to fear. Within moments they were standing by my side and they gathered around me in a horseshoe circle. I noticed they were all male, and dressed in long, off-white flowing robes. Without any vocal sound being made, I heard one of them say, "We are the true disciples of Jesus." I remained silent. I understood his words but I was not able to utter a sound.


Suddenly, the sole figure of a man walked out from behind the clouds. He stepped forward and stood directly in front of me. His presence emanated a majestic aura, which bestowed an immense beauty of magnificence. The sudden sense of 'knowing' captured my entire being. Instinctively, I knew this man was Jesus, yet still, I was unable to say anything. I became aware of His disciples gently guiding me within my thoughts: Honour the Son of God. Immediately I lowered my head to bow respectfully before Him, and finally, I was able to speak, "Are you my Lord Jesus?" I heard myself asking Him. I don't know why I asked Him this question. I knew without uncertainty He was Jesus. There was no mistaking the ambience I felt in His presence - the purity of unconditional love, asserting great authority. Then he spoke,  "Why do you ask, Child, do you not know?" His tone was commanding, yet also soothing. I fell to my knees, overwhelmed with remorse. Why had I asked such a foolish question when I knew who He was? Did I truly have so little faith in my own senses? 

Jesus then placed a large wooden cross in the form of a necklace over my head. The height of the cross touched my knees, and I heard him say, "Do not be afraid Child, for you shall always be protected."  

There I remained on my knees, surrounded by His disciples as Jesus turned and walked back into His heavenly paradise.  A moment later, I was back in my physical body and regaining consciousness. It may have been minutes or even hours later. I do not know for certain how long it takes for me to return back into my physical body after an Actual-death experience. The concept of time seems to have no significance over the events occurring when I am in the Spirit, regardless of whether I am having the Actual-death experience or I am back in my physical body, and waiting for my heart to start beating again. The only indication suggesting my Actual-death experiences are not all of the same duration is in how long it takes for my recovery process to be complete after the ADE has finished. When I start breathing again and I have regained consciousness, I can't just sit up or get straight out of bed. Sometimes, it can take me up to an hour or even several hours before I have the full use of my physical limbs again... 

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Around The Earth In It's Global Form

In one particular ADE, Jesus showed me just how little I understood the meaning of trust... 

In the Spirit I became and Jesus carried my Spirit away to become of His teaching. He held my Spirit -­ keeping me safe within His protective embrace. We journeyed together into the heavens. I felt the wind beneath me, folding around me like a blanket. The whispering breeze caught me ­ lifting me up higher and higher. We soared into the voiceless echoes of the uncharted realms of His mystifying universe. Then, Jesus held me suspended in the folds of Space and I became as a lantern without a rod, as He turned me slowly around to view my wondrous surroundings. In the distance, the stars twinkled brightly­ then glowed softly, as if they were in harmony together, exchanging a mysterious song.

Far below, I caught sight of a global planet, and I knew in my senses that it was the planet Earth. In a moment's rush, Jesus took my hand and together we flew at a tremendous speed down towards the planet Earth. Then we journeyed around the planet in its global form and then we returned back into the universe. Once again I was caught suspended in Space. Jesus then returned my Spirit back into my Physical body, and I became of my physical life again.


In another Actual Death Experience following this incredible ADE, Jesus explained His teaching to me, "I have carried your Spirit around the Earth in its global form and returned your Spirit safely back into your body ­ why do you still not trust?" His revelation came as a shock to me. How could Jesus say I didn't trust Him? I was mortified. I loved Jesus with all my heart and trusted Him completely. It would be ludicrous not to trust Him. Sadly, what we think we believe and what we truly believe is often very different. If I truly trusted Jesus then why was I so afraid of my Actual Death Experiences? I'd been having ADEs for years, yet still, every night, I would lie on my bed clutching hold of my crucifix, praying to Jesus not to come and take me in an ADE. How could the reality of meeting with Jesus be so beautiful, and yet also so very frightening at the same time In truth, it was my fear that created my lack of trust. I knew I was protected and safe with Jesus but subconsciously I could not come to terms with the fact that I was experiencing the physical death.


I was terrified by my reality. I was a wife and a young mother and I loved my life. I loved being a mother. I desperately wanted to be a good mother,­ to share in all the irreplaceable moments having children brings. To share their unconditional love. The beauty of their innocence and trust always took my breath away. They needed me to protect them, to keep them safe, to ensure they were kept warm and never went hungry and to teach them about life. They depended on me with their lives, and I just couldn't bear the thought of ever having to leave them. Over and over again, Jesus proved he would always bring me back from the physical death, and I would live to see my children again. But no matter how hard I tried, I could not let the fear of death leave my thoughts. The fear was always there with me throughout their childhood, casting its shadow over my life. 

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The Marble Steps

When Jesus teaches us the truth of our love, it is not just about how true our trust in Him truly is but He also teaches us the truth for why our Spiritual bodies have developed certain characteristic traits, and how these often unnoticed flaws hinder our Spiritual growth. In my love for Jesus, I never doubted for a single moment in my desire to follow Him, then within another ADE, Jesus showed me a truth within my acceptance to follow Him that I didn't know existed.


In the Spirit I became and Jesus carried my Spirit away to become of His Teaching. He held my Spirit in His loving embrace ­protecting me from all harm. In the distance, I saw a shaded tunnel and there at the end of the tunnel I could see a small circle of light. We journeyed together through the tunnel towards the bright light. As we neared the light ­ the light became brighter, turning upon itself, as if it was a giant ball spinning around. In the air all around, I sensed an electrifying spark of energy ­then moments later the bright blinding light engulfed my entire senses as we became caught­ up within His majestic throne. I drifted along; being carried by His love ­moving slowly through a sky of soft white clouds with sparkling silver threads glittering their edges. I began to feel myself slowly descend, and suddenly I found myself standing upon the New Earth. There I saw I was standing with a group of other people, all of whom I instantly knew belonged to this Earth and we all stood two by two in a line. I was standing at the back of the line next to a person, I had never met before. We began walking slowly forwards, and I noticed Jesus was ahead of us leading the group.


Then the most incredible marble steps appeared in front of us, animating my entire surroundings, and Jesus began to lead us up the marble steps. The marble shimmered with a gold inlay ­ patterning the outline of leaves with diamond-encrusted stems. Suddenly, I became overwhelmed with a desire to walk with Jesus. I didn't like being at the end of the line and behind the others. I wanted to be walking next to Him. I stepped out of the line and quickly ran up past the others, climbing up the marble steps with a heightened eagerness as I got closer to Jesus. When I finally reached His side. I was elated, delighted no one had tried to stop me from getting my own way in what I wanted. At that moment Jesus told me to look down at my feet, and when I did, I saw that my left foot was very slightly in front of His right foot. Then I saw the marble step underneath my foot disappear. I was convinced I was going to fall forwards, and panic swept through my entire being. Jesus then brought His left foot forward, and as He did the marble step re­appeared underneath His foot. I knew to step away and return back to my place at the end of the line. Jesus then returned my Spirit back into my Physical body, and I became of my physical life again.

In an Actual Death Experience following this ADE, Jesus explained His teaching to me, "Do not walk beside me or in front of me but follow me. I will protect you and always keep you safe... The conceited child burdens his Spirit with a mighty cross. Be remaining humble for blessed are the meek for they will inherit the earth". I can remember being emotionally overwhelmed by His teaching for want of my 'egotism' in the fact that I felt I had a 'right' to walk beside Him. I didn't and I don't. Jesus didn't die on the cross, so we can walk beside Him. He sacrificed His life, so we could walk with Him by following Him. He is the light and so He will lead us. 


Showing me within the ADE that my foot went just slightly in front of His, and as a result, the marble step suddenly disappeared was indeed a beautiful way to teach me that I had not fully understood His sacrifice and thus my relationship with Him. It was the perfect way to teach the Child within me to behave with more respect and take my rightful place in following Him.

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