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Meeting Cary Grant's Spirit


When my ADEs first began I found myself meeting with Cary Grants Spirit. Shortly after this experience, I discovered, this encounter occurred for a very important reason. Little did I realise during the experience it would later prove to change

my entire perception of what was happening to me.  


I Know Your Voice

When my ADEs first began I found myself meeting with Cary Grants Spirit. Shortly after this experience, I discovered, this encounter occurred for a very important reason. Little did I realise during the experience it would later prove to change my entire perception of what was happening to me.  

When my ADEs first began, I didn’t immediately find myself witnessing the bright white light at the end of what appeared to be a tunnel of passage. Rather, I seemed to go through ‘stages of separation’ where I sensed I was learning to move around in the Spirit. In those first few ADEs, only the head of my Spirit was able to separate from my physical body. This then progressed to be able to see I was able to sit up in my bed whilst being capable to view my legs of my physical body but as I told myself to move my legs, I discovered my physical limbs would not respond to my thoughts. I also noticed no matter how many times I attempted to pull back the covers of my bed my hands just slipped through them. I did not understand at the time that as the top half of my body was of my Spirit, I could not grip hold of anything physical.


It was about the fourth ADE when my Spiritual body finally separated completely from my physical body, and I sensed myself rising up and levitating above my physical body that lay flat in my bed. In this position, I was able to look down upon myself before my Spirit and then returned back into my physical body. I also noticed the presence of a silver-white cord that was projecting out of the head of my Spirit which appeared connected to the head of my physical body. In several following ADEs, I found my Spirit was able to move around my bedroom. I can remember I once wanted to open the door to leave my bedroom but as I tried to grasp hold of the door handle my hand just slipped through it – I became frustrated as I wanted to be in the hallway, the moment I held the thought to enter the hallway I found myself walking through the door. These stage-by-stage actions were simply baby steps to show me that I was experiencing something incredible and although I didn’t understand at the time what was happening to me, I knew without any doubt that I wasn’t just dreaming.   


I later came to confide in my husband about what I was experiencing but my words were instantly rejected, as my husband was not a man who believed or accepted anything that appeared abnormal or out of this world. Then came an ADE in which after the separation of my Spirit, I found myself standing at the bottom of a spiral staircase. I slowly began to walk up the staircase until I reached a door, and I became aware of a bright light illuminating behind the door. Opening the door, I found myself passing through the white glowing light and suddenly I was standing in a room which I knew I had never seen before. The room was furnished and there in front of me, I saw a wooden cabinet with glass panel doors. I noticed a very beautiful clock on the cabinet, and I moved toward it and picked it up. I suddenly became with the thoughts that I would take the clock back with me to show it to my husband, so I could prove to him what was happening to me, so I attempted to hide it under my arm. At that moment, I heard the sound of laughter I spun round to see a man sitting in a chair in the corner of the room and I heard him say in a rather amused tone, “You cannot steal my clock, it is not yours to take, even if I gave you it, you still can’t take it.” I can remember the sense of familiarity flowing through my senses, but as I studied his features, I felt no recognition. I didn’t know him and yet, there was something about him that made me feel I did. He wasn’t angry with me quite the opposite as he appeared to find my actions highly entertaining. There was a mischievous twinkle in his eyes, and it almost appeared as if he was teasing me. Moments later, I found myself walking back down the spiral staircase minus the clock, and I returned back to my physical body.

Several days later within my physical life, I was hovering up my lounge carpet, and suddenly I heard this same man whom I had met in the Spirit speak again. My gaze scanned the room but there was no one there - how could this be real when I could clearly hear him talking. Then I heard another voice, and suddenly with a huge sense of relief I realised my television was on in the background and it was this that I was hearing. I switched off the hover and turned up the television – as I looked at the screen and although I recognised the man as being the same man, I’d met a few nights before it was the sound of his voice that had caught my attention – there was no mistaking that wonderful, unusual tone of his – the playfulness of words – the undertone of laughter that’s when I realised who he was.


I didn’t know much about Cary Grant. He was an actor who found his success more in my mother’s era, but I was aware he had passed over a few years before. It was then the realisation suddenly hit me like a gust of wind – I am experiencing the afterlife but how could that be possible? Surely, if this was true, I would also have to pass over and experience physical death to be present in the world where he now lived. Confusion hit hard and I began to shake with fear. Was I dying and just merely cheating death? Was this the reason I kept returning back to my physical body? At the time, I did not have those answers but one aspect I do remember, I was now seeded with a fear of the ADEs and in following experiences as the separation between my Spiritual and physical body began, I prayed only to meet the man whose voice I knew so well again, not because he was a famous actor – that thought didn’t enter my prayers, it was for a far more precious reason. Even though I had not been with good intentions regarding the taking of his clock – his soothing voice hadn’t condemned me but rather it had made me feel safe.  

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