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My name is Beverley Gilmour, and I have been having

Actual-death experiences since 1987. 


I was born in Birkenhead, Merseyside in 1965 and I am a mother of 3 children.


I am now about to undertake a PhD study in the research of 

Actual-death experiences.  

My Story of How I Have an ADE

When I have an Actual-death experience, the first recognition I always have is the acknowledgement of a change occurring around the inside area of my head. It feels like a sudden wave is flowing around inside my head, similar to the sensation you can feel just as you are drifting off to sleep. It is more intense but not painful. I know I am going to have an Actual-death experience as I can feel myself going down, down, down ­ deeper and deeper into myself. This is the stage of unconsciousness. The awareness I feel at this stage is a sense that I am actually awake. I can hear and see everything that is going on in the room around me but I am fully aware my eyelids are closed, and I am lying down upon my bed. I can hear my own thoughts commanding, Wake up, wake up! but I can never follow through on the command. As the level of unconsciousness deepens, I become aware of a change in my heartbeat. It becomes faint and I sense my heartbeat slowing down. Then my breathing starts to change. I have shortness of breath and my breathing becomes shallow. At this point, I sense the area of my throat becoming tight as if it is closing upon itself. I feel the need to swallow in an attempt to force a breath but I can't inhale properly. The final stage of change before the actual separation, the ­passing over, is within my brain. I begin to feel the sensation that my brain is shutting down. It happens very quickly in a consecutive sequence of four different processes, always in the same order. It is as if someone has flipped a switch and the light goes out. The first part is the top right­hand side of my brain, followed by the top left-hand side; then the bottom left-hand side, followed by the bottom right hand-­side.


The best way to describe this part of the process is to imagine yourself slowly dunking yourself underwater. As your head submerges ­ your senses suddenly begin to feel blocked and out of co­ordination. The moment the last section of my brain has shut down, I feel my consciousness separating, and I begin to rise upwards and out of my physical body. I have now experienced the physical death and passed over into the Spirit ­ the Afterlife. When my Spirit returns back into my physical body after the Actual-death experience has finished, the events that occur are also always in the same order. Firstly, I have the awareness of being back inside my physical body, the same sensation as when my consciousness has separated just before it begins to rise upwards. The next stage happens very quickly. I focus on the centre back of my brain -­ the brain­stem. Then I experience a sensation as if I am suddenly hitting a brick wall, thudding against something solid. I sense a loud bang, and I sense a connection has been made in the brainstem. Similar to when you put a plug into an electric wall socket. On impact, a small ball of electrifying energy of light appears, which then rushes down the inside of my physical body, down my spine. I sense the ball of energy making direct contact with my heart, striking my heart like an electrifying bolt of lightning. As this happens my physical body goes into a spasm, jumping upwards in a jerking movement. The ball of energy generated from my brain­stem restarts my heartbeat; similar to when a patient goes into cardiac arrest and an electric shock is used to restore the heart’s regular rhythm. I then gasp for breath. Usually, it takes only one bolt of electricity to restart my heart, but there have been occasions when my heart has been struck two or three times before I start breathing again.

To explain this process more scientifically, one should consider the process from the perspective of human consciousness. During our sleep mode, our Second Consciousness (the sub­conscious) becomes our Primary Consciousness ­ changing the brain’s main activity from the left-hand side to the right-hand side. Left Hemisphere: The left brain is the logical side, responsible for words, reasoning, numbers, analysis, lists and sequences. It controls the right-hand side of the body. Right Hemisphere: The right brain is the creative side, responsible for rhythm, spatial awareness, colour, imagination, daydreaming, holistic awareness and dimension. It controls the left-hand side of the body. In my Actual-death experiences, I by­pass the dream state and reach unconsciousness. This stage causes my heartbeat to change, which then triggers the Second Consciousness (the sub­conscious) to activate my Higher Consciousness (the Spiritual Mind - ­ the Consciousness of God). Then as my Higher Consciousness becomes my Primary Consciousness, my brain begins to shut down. Once the fourth section of my brain has shut down my Higher Consciousness separates from the Second Consciousness, and I begin to rise upwards and out of my physical body. This is what I mean when I write, I became of the Spirit, as I no longer have any connection to my physical body. 

The Consciousness

"I am part of something far greater than the eye can see.

The memories of such, however, remain hidden within me.


" Who Am I?

I am a Woman and a Mother of Children


I'm always happy to connect with people who have had an ADE or who would like to know more about the phenomenon. 

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